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Ira loves brutal men, she loves being reckless and having no boundaries, she loves passionate sex and she's ready to meet you as soon as you can! Her breasts are natural, her pussy is shaved clean. She loves working out and she has perfect body to play with. Spend some time with our new escort Ira!

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We inform all of our clients that it is forbidden to ask the ladies to give their emails or phones, it is against our rules. Girls inform us about it and we restrict such clients from using our services !

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Name Ira
Age 27
Eyes green
Hair light brown
Zodiaņ Aquarius
Height 167
Weight 53
Bust 96 (C)
Pussy Shape 4


Waist 65
Hip 95
Shoe size 37
Dress size 36
Smoker no
Flowers Roses
Alcohol White semidry wine
Gave birth No
Inter. passport Yes
Biom. passport Yes
Languages English (Basic)


1 hour :200 $USD5530 UAH170
2 hours :300 $USD8295 UAH255
3 hours :350 $USD9678 UAH298
4 hours :400 $USD11060 UAH340
6 hours :500 $USD13825 UAH425
10 hours :750 $USD20738 UAH638
1 day :900 $USD24885 UAH766
2 days :1300 $USD35945 UAH1106
3 days :1800 $USD49770 UAH1531
4 days :2300 $USD63595 UAH1957
7 days :3500 $USD96775 UAH2978


Kissing without tongue
Blowjob without condom
Cumshot on body
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Striptease Yes
Massage Yes


Domination Yes +50$
Video shooting Yes +500$

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We provide incall and outcall service. The girl can come to you at the price specified on the website. If you want to meet in the neutral territory, you need to pay for apartment. The cost of apartments is about $30-$50.

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Emanuel 25.10.2017

Excuse me, but first you take tests to prove that the girls are healthy and put on the profiles that they kiss and make oral natural, to later justify that the girls do not kiss and do not oral because it is healthier ...

Answer: there's no justification in here. SOME clients DON'T like kissing girls even if they have medical labs with proven health, because they are super health concerned and it's understandable. Some girls don't want to kiss clients with obvious hygiene or health problems because it's healthier for them. It was explained like hundred times here, I will tell you nothing new and this is the way this particular girl work. If you want 100% kissing, choose another one, but if you have hygiene or health problems like slight little wounds in mouth or something, we can't guarantee you that any of girls will kiss you on the mouth willingly. Health issues come first. 

Antonio 29.09.2017

I propose not to take girls to company if they are not provide services like kissing with tongue and BJ without condom. That services must have for such prices.

Answer: it's pretty strange to read this kind of stuff from clients, because most part of our clients want protected BJs and refrain from kissing to get even higher protection. They prefer the girls not giving BBBJ and kissing because they think they're cleaner. Especially our married clients. So Ira is very popular with her services as they are. 

Mark 29.09.2017

The issue about Ira is that she doesnt offer the service of "kissing with tongue". I read several stories about hygiene (which can be understable) but this is not the case with her. She just simply doesnt want and thats the end of the story. She will continue gettng compaints about this topic and the agency will present its arguments why she didnt do it... This discussion seem like the poliicians explaining why people dont get better health services when everyone knows that they just dont care. Dont try to find 3 legs to the cat when you know they always have 4 (chinese proverb)!

Ronald 15.03.2017

Why do you say "no girls kiss everyone. It's absolutely impossible and it won't happen"? Maybe some girl here are profissional enought to honor her agreement with the client

Answer: are girls are professional enough to make a smart decision and not kiss someone who has sores in mouth and stuff (for example), in order not to catch some infection and give it to another client with the same kiss after. Would you like to be in that situation? We kindly ask our clients to understand our position and to understand, that 99% of girls mention on their page whether they kiss or not, and the rest of situations are force majeur and need to be respected. We DO NOT work with girls who act however they want and hurt our clients' feelings without any serious and fundamental reasons for that. Have a great day. 

Tim 27.01.2017

Some GIA ladies love to kiss, especially on the first date. Kristina, Elvira, and many others will take your breath away! Others play games and avoid, because they are tired of the duty after so many repeats. Hygiene is not always a factor, but rather an attempt by the management to cover up. I am the same from one date to another, the only difference is my choice of the Beauty of the Night. It shouldn't be about ever so elusive chemistry between strangers, - truly professional artist would eagerly help building it with the customer. It is rather about work ethics and attitude of each individual girl. Some go through the motions and lack the magic, some are diligent service providers and prefer repeat customers. Did you hear about continuous service improvement principle? I would say out of 10 or so GIA girls at least 1 would refuse to kiss without an explanation, and without having it stated as optional here on site upfront. If customer has time to complain later, management would have a standard explanation about customer not being desirable enough. Overall I am happy though.

Answer: you (and all of our respected clients) have to understand one thing. We work with PEOPLE. A girl can feel unwell, she can have some discomfort in her mouth, maybe a little wound, and it will be uncomfortable for her to kiss. She may experience problems with a toothache. Client can have a bad breath and it will be a turn-off for kisses. Some of our girls can deal with this, other can't. You can have bad breath without even understanding or feeling it yourself! We do not use standardized cover-up words. We speak the truth, and too bad if it sounds disrespectful in some kind to our clients. We do try to improve our service constantly, but ladies are ladies, they are not robots, they are people, and if you find some of them worse than others because of that... Well, that's your right and we are sorry. Just a reminder: we CAN'T make our girls kiss everyone without exceptions on every day in every situation. It's absolutely impossible and it won't happen. 


Sorry - but there is a mistake in her profile. It says that she kisses with tongue but she is opposed to it. It spoiled the mood totally. I understand if a girl does not want to do this. But her profile should be honest. Then there is no disappointment. She is otherwise a beautiful and pleasant woman.

Answer: Ira provides kissing service and she's not opposed to having kisses with tongue. Maybe there was something in the time of your meeting, some discomfort about her mouth or something about your hygiene that made her refuse to do it. We can't make her kiss everybody at all times if she's not feeling like it for some important reasons. 

C 23.01.2017

Bonjour This inquiry is on behalf of my employer. He is on the lookout for long term mistress, a sophisticated beautiful and classy girl who can be his companion, muse and lover. He is very taken with Ms Ira. Does Gia models ever act as mistress /sugarbaby? As my employer is on the lookout for such an arrangement.

Answer: we only provide girls via our company, you can't meet any of our ladies on the side. But if your employer wants to be a constant client of Ira, we can make a good discount for GFE and regular meetings. Contact us. 

Frank 23.01.2017

Ira loves brutal men. Does Ira likes nice and romantic men also? Thank you

Answer: of course she does! Which girl doesn't? ;) 

Franklin 28.11.2016

Does Ira have children?

Answer: No.

Marronier 27.10.2016

Ira is extremely sexy looking in real life, hypnotizing! The fact that she doesn't speak English wasn't a plus for me, but on practice she just says "fuck me" with her eyes and body, amazing. Delightful time with this seductive lady, highly recommend for the nighttime activities.

Frank 18.10.2016

Does Ira has experiences in escorting?

Answer: Yes :)

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