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Kiev escort girls

Order the best escort services right now! Please call: +380 44 586 40 90

Kiev is a dream city for Ukrainians and foreigners. First of all, it's one of the oldest and richest in architecture, parks and views in all of Europe. It offers everyone a great variety of possibilities to make business successfully, and if you want to relax in this city of joy - many places and exciting experiences are open for you!

Rest and relaxation in the capital of Ukraine is a great idea all year long. If you're tired of endless days of work and you are willing to find some good company, love and relaxation, or maybe you just want to spend your time with high class and elegance, you will need a lady (maybe even more than one) to be by your side and end your solitude. Of course she has to be beautiful and easy to get! What man would enjoy spending time with lady who has no interest in him, and with whom the continuation of good evening won't be guaranteed?

Get Ukrainian escort girl in Kiev

Many men are coming to Ukraine with a single goal: to meet one or many Ukrainian ladies which are famous all over the world for their beauty, elegance and sex appeal. When visitors walk Khreschatyk for the first time, they are very surprised with how many blonde and brunette beauties are pacing the streets, searching for new emotions and adventures. But at the very first attempt of getting to know one of ladies closer, each man, even if he's handsome, rich and young, gets invariably rejected.

Beautiful company of young, sexy girls is abundant in Kiev, but sadly not free (just like at your native country). Especially for a visitor who will leave in few days. Most frequently, when you're trying to meet a lady in the street, club, hotel or restaurant, is that she will let you take her to the best restaurants, and spend much of your precious time and money to pointless efforts of seducing a lady. Of course, it's not the most pleasant way to spend your time. Some of the foreigners spend 5 or 6 evenings courting the lady and they get nothing except for countless promises, smiles, and 'maybes'. Then they go away without diving into the sea of guilty pleasures that we have reserved for you at Gia.


You're going to come to Kiev and you dream of spending time with a passionate model, who is free, beautiful and very open-minded in questions of love, lust and sex. Now you understand that this dream can be far from becoming true?  We have the solution for you!

Well, it's good you can always find another way to get what you want. We know how hard it is to find the best female, model and sexy company if you don't really know where to search for it, so that's why we created an agency which is helping men across the world to get what they desire in the capital of Ukraine: the most beautiful women, available, ready and willing to give you all  the pleasure you can take!

Search for the best Kiev escort agency

Our escort Kiev sex agency is not the only one. Many model agencies are offering different interesting services to Ukrainians and foreigners, but if you choose to reach the 100% goal of quality and the very best options, you have to consider which agency you should choose to satisfy your needs (in the safest and the most private way). If you're getting any agency serve you, here are some risks you can experience during your stay in Kiev:

  • You don't know what you're getting. Many sex directories (or so called massage places) don't have a catalogue of ladies - not in electronic, nor in printed forms. If you want to see which girls are free to serve you this evening, you have to go to their office and see them with your own eyes. If you don't like anyone at all - well, you're free to go, but your precious time (and maybe your mood) will be ruined;
  • The second risk is closely connected to the first one. You still don't know what exactly you're getting, but you WILL see the pictures of ladies. You're choosing the girls only by how the look on photos, probably heavy photoshopped, but you don't know much about their personality, moods, character, hygiene, health or if they will want to 'negotiate' with you for more money, etc.; Our ladies are respectful and they don't play games.  They will cost you the rate shown on their page in our website, no gimmicks, no negotiating to destroy your mood.
  • If the agency is not respectable, you will see many pictures in the gallery, but after all, when you make your choice, the model that will meet you will be a different person, as the one you chose had a 'last minute emergency' or had her period. Of course, you can send her home, but lot of agencies ask to pay the price of ordering the girl and wasting her time, and you have to pay for her taxi. You're wasting not only time, but money. The main thing is you won't get what you wanted in each of these situations. You won't get the chance to meet your dream-girl, and your evening will be grey, boring and very lonely.

Most important: your health and safety: most agencies don't  screen the girls for diseases. Our Agency has a strict policy of continuously observing the girls for any sign of a disease and 4 times (or more) per year they get a full medical examination including laboratory tests to make sure you will have not only a fun and sensual, but also a safe experience. If you want to entertain yourself in the capital of Ukraine, you have to choose the agency that will provide you services that are tested and proven to have good quality and safety.


Good Ukrainian escort agency in Kiev is not a myth

Don't worry, you still can have sex in Kiev, and plenty of it! If you're on our site - you already found the right way to go. This site belongs to the most respectable escort directory in Kiev - GIA. Our ladies are beautiful, healthy, clean, educated and very passionate. We have blonde, red haired, brunette slim young women. Quality of the services we are providing to our clients is well known worldwide. We are working to reach 100% quality and complete customer satisfaction. Unprofessional working is unacceptable for us. All the gorgeous ladies in our company are one good team with a goal of serving the clients the best possible way. You are not dreaming: our escort-ladies do exist in real life, and they are waiting to meet you. They can give you sex in Kiev you've never even dreamt about...

Watch the video with our girls

Our possibilities and escort services will amaze you

Kiev escort girls in UkraineGIA's main priority is providing girls for escort Ukraine. You know you need them when you have a meeting ahead, and you need the company of a classy, beautiful lady. If you're the man that can't show up to society alone and you need a model of style and high standards, elegant and beautiful, one you won't be ashamed of, don't look in the model agencies. Choose our professionals! Professional models are moody and capricious, they're not working well on escort, preferring shootings and modeling, and our ladies are considering all the client's wishes and making them come true. Also they aim to bolster your reputation in your partners' eyes. With an escort like this you will definitely reach all your goals easily!

Each lady that aims to become a part of our agency is going through a rigorous selection process, casting to see if she can serve all of your needs. No girl can join our team accidentally or because of their connections. After choosing a lady, we teach her everything she need to know as a courtesan. It's a long process, and when she graduates, she's ready to meet you. We focus not just on her looks, but also on her behavior, she has to be well raised, nice and honest. Also we choose ladies who are multilingual, that's why there are so many smart models in GIA. They can easily talk with foreigners.

If you want to spend not only evening, but a whole night with your Kiev escort girls, you can. Our girls love spending time in company of gentlemen which are our agency's selected clients. That's why when you search for someone to join you on celebration or some party you can find a girl who will give you the best night of your life. You will remember it for quite a long time Until you see our model again! Now ask yourself: are you sure you'll get the same result after ordering a lady in model's agency, in a club, restaurant, hotel or the street?

And by the way! There are some real pro models among GIA's team. They do photo-shoots for fashion magazines in their free time. But despite of that, their favorite work is still this one, where they can get and give some unforgettable satisfaction. And believe us, our ladies really GET the satisfaction, and they're professional in everything connected to giving it..

Get all the perks!

What are the perks of working with GIA.LA agency?

All the ladies that you can order via catalogue are ready not only for escort, but also for pleasant nightly services. Or they can be provided by day - depending on your wishes and availability. They are all providing escort and other... more pleasurable services.  Catalogue of girls is available on our internet site to watch and decide who you would like to spend time with. Our manager can tell you the special code which enables you to see pictures with unblurred face if necessary. This will help you with figuring out how exactly your favorite lady looks like. Each lady has her personal photos and also those that are made by professional photographer. But even if that's not enough for you, you can see videos with our courtesans. Professional clips allow you to see ladies moving and dancing, and view them in all dimensions, from all the angles. This will show and prove you that our beauties are not photoshopped, and you will know who exactly will you be spending this night with even before seeing the lady closely;
Each lady of those that are on our site has some additional services. Someone participates in beautiful lesbi-show, made just for you, some Ukraine escort girls allow men to do more than others, some practice role games which you won't be able to forget Whatever you need, you will definitely find the beauty which is practicing this. Details are on each model's page on our site - you can see and read them to find out everything about how the lady looks and what she performs in bed; If you want to take a foreign trip - it's not a problem at all! Our ladies can accompany you in your trips abroad, if the country you're heading to doesn't require visa. Trips in foreign countries will help you feel like the real playboy or king of adult entertainment;
If you're visiting Lviv often, you can have sex in Lviv with one of our courtesans. They're mobile and they travel easy through the cities of Ukraine. You only have to call our manager to find out about details to order services outside the capital;  You don't have the place where you can meet one of our Kiev escorts? Well, many agencies would consider this a real problem, but not us. GIA has enough apartments to provide all of our clients with a meeting spot. You will date the lady of your dreams in a comfortable place where you can get your satisfaction and some rest. We offer incall and outcall service;
Medical tests are what we provide to each courtesan on a regular basis. They are all clean and healthy, you can believe us! Prices for meeting courtesans and having sex with them are not only modest, they're also flexible and you can get some satisfaction for a smaller price than others (particularly if you're our regular client). We are loyal to our gentlemen and try to provide them everything they need for a small price. We want them and our models to get some satisfaction and not think about the money the client is spending.
Our site is developing all the time, now you can read reviews for our girls and some interesting articles about sex. Site is not only beautiful, but also very useful for all the clients. And reviews will be helpful to find out which lady you need to order.  

Ukraine escorts agency GIAKIEV is your source of unforgettable pleasure!


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