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Masha - Professional escort

Masha is a true gem among other escorts. This girl offers a lot of services, she enjoys making love, not really a chatty person but can keep nice conversation if you'd like her to. Masha is a pro at massage, she always carries a massage oil with her. You can ask her to give you some sweet sensual moments by starting with massage.

Creative anal practices Masha offers her clients:

1) CUSTOMARY ANAL PRACTICE (usual anal service price);
2) ROUGH ANAL (+150$);
3) EXTREME ANAL PRACTICE. Anal sex without any boundaries: in different poses, upside down or during the leg split (+150$);
4) DOUBLE PENETRATION. Double penetration featuring the toy I'll take with me (+200$).

Please tell the manager that you want to order one (or more) of these services. Otherwise I won't be able to perform them!!!

Check my medical documents

We inform all of our clients that it is forbidden to ask the ladies to give their emails or phones, it is against our rules. Girls inform us about it and we restrict such clients from using our services !

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Name Masha
Age 25
Eyes brown
Hair brown
Zodia Virgo
Height 167
Weight 52
Bust 82 (A)
Pussy Shape 5


Waist 60
Hip 87
Shoe size 39
Dress size 36
Smoker no
Flowers White Roses
Alcohol Doesn't do alcohol
Gave birth No
Inter. passport Yes
Biom. passport Yes
Languages English (Good)


1 hour :250 $USD6738 UAH211
2 hours :350 $USD9433 UAH296
3 hours :450 $USD12128 UAH380
4 hours :550 $USD14823 UAH465
6 hours :700 $USD18865 UAH591
10 hours :1000 $USD26950 UAH845
1 day :1200 $USD32340 UAH1014
2 days :1800 $USD48510 UAH1521
3 days :2400 $USD64680 UAH2028
4 days :3000 $USD80850 UAH2534
7 days :4000 $USD107800 UAH3379


Kissing with tongue
Blowjob without condom
Cumshot on body
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Toys Yes
Striptease Yes
Deep Throat Yes
Massage Yes
Prostate Massage Yes
Uniforms Yes


CIM Yes +40$
Anal Yes +100$
Lesbi Yes +60$
Couples Yes +50%
Domination Yes +50$
Slave Yes +60$
G-rain give Yes +30$
Rimming Yes +50$
Group 2per. Yes +50%
Double penetration Yes +200$

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Call our english-speaking manager (NO SMS) :

Land-line in Kiev: 586 40 90

Ukrainian mobile operator: 044 586 40 90

Call from abroad: +380 44 586 40 90

Please, call from 10-30 till 23-30

We provide incall and outcall service. The girl can come to you at the price specified on the website. If you want to meet in the neutral territory, you need to pay for apartment. The cost of apartments is about $30-$50.

email -

Tallinn 09.09.2017

I have earlier skip Masha profile many times but thanks to manager, I decided to meet this week her and I am glad, I did! I was scared a little bit about Masha excessive service list because I am looking for ordinary GFE and not some extremes. But Masha is really good girl on any role and we spent very nice evening together. She really has one of the best bodies, I have seen, fit and proportional. She has nice personalities and funny to talk with. Photos in this site are not the best, in reality she more charming and nice, I liked her very much!

Daniel 13.08.2017

I just had the big pleasure to spend 4 great days and nights with Masha. What a girl! Her body is perfect, 10/10. She is charming, intelligent and funny at the same time. A true treasure. I coudn't imagine a better choice.

Kevin 27.04.2017

Hi it's me again. Possible to book Masha and Ksusha Thursday afternoon?

Answer: we don't do bookings online, please contact our manager via phone to make your booking. 

Kevin 11.03.2017

Hello would masha and ksusha be able to do a mother-daughter lesbian roleplay I can watch?

Answer: yes, but you need to notice our manager beforehand so they can get in mood for this. 

Rich 02.03.2017

If I pay for double penetration anal option for additional $200 (using Masha's toy), does that include the extreme anal as well? It only makes sense but I wanted to make sure...

Answer: you need to ask our operator, please call and ask this question to find out. 

123 22.01.2017

Does masha use strap on? Does she own one?

Answer: she uses it and she can use it on you, but she doesn't own one, so if you want to order this service, you need to buy one yourself. 

Nick 17.11.2016

A real stunner. Like the ancient city of Petra, an experience only those who have been there can explain and fully appreciate. A pure gem of positiveness, sensuality and electrifying eroticism. She knows what she wants and delivers 120% on her promises. Masha is close to perfection. She painted a life-lasting smile on my face. Thanks GIA for having Masha in your so professional team. Just change your photographer, s/he doesn't capture half the beauty of your ladies.

WRENN 22.10.2016

Booked her for 2 days, but something didn't work out and we only had up to 10 hours together. I didn't mind though, it was bit of a trial for me. I love spending few days with girls, I never do it with new ones though, but Masha charmed me on the pictures. And really, she was the same way and even better irl. The trial period went well, she was up to spend time together in and out of bed and she was very friendly. This girl is super beautiful and slim, her body is on point and so is her attitude towards client. I will definitely book her again for full time of few days as soon as this will work out.

DWales 14.10.2016

If I hire someone like Masha for a few days, do I get all of her services or just standard services? For instance, if she spends the week with me, does that also include rough anal and extreme anal, or just her standard service?

Answer: we charge the full price of additional service each 8 hours, and once a day (of usage of course) if you're taking the lady for more than 3 days. But the main price for 3 days includes just escorting and standard service. 

Chris 17.09.2016

I want masha to come to my hotel is it possible Chris

Answer: Masha (and each model of our agency) can come to your hotel. It is possible. You just need to call us in appr. 2 hours before meeting and make an order. You need to ask your reception desk if you need to meet your guest in the hall or if your guest can come to your room on her own. 


Masha was great- cute face (the photos dont do it justice), tight body, shy, naughty. Would definitely book again.


I love the service range... I loved it from the very beginning, this was the main reason I chose Masha. I love anal and was tempted to try it with this girl. Well, she didn't disappoint me and delivered high quality anal with orgasms to us both. But that wasn't all! She surprised me with perfect and out of this world blowjob. I felt like an angel was caressing me, it was so splendid. Her body is firm and tight in every possible place. I will be visiting Masha again and recommending her.

AnH 31.08.2016

Can she do sex with me when My girlfriend doing with me sex . I mean , I am doing sex with 2 girls at same time . If yes , does she charge extra for this ?

Answer: of course she can. This is the service for couples, and the extra charge is 50% of the price. She offers this service and she loves to meet couples. Masha is quite skilled in giving simultaneous pleasure to a man and a woman, and the meeting will be absolutely pleasurable and satisfying for both you and your girlfriend. Masha really loves meeting new couples and getting intimate with them, so hurry up to order a date ;)


Can she do sex with me when My girlfriend doing with me sex . I mean , I am doing sex with 2 girls at same time . If yes , does she charge extra for this ?

Answer: yes, it's possible. She has a lot of experience and she can do it the right way. It's called "couples" service and extra charge is 50%. 

Witty 22.08.2016

Tried anal with Masha, very satisfied and planning on meeting her again for something more extreme. I've ordered customary anal practice and she seemed super into it, she enjoyed anal sex and moaned so hard, I was so turned on that I immediately came, it's good that we had plenty of time and plans ahead. She's tiny, I was afraid to crush her or something, but it looks like "it's bigger on the inside" :))) hahahaha. I liked this girl. She also has some good sense of humor and she's nice to chat with.

Tony 14.08.2016

, ! - !

Bernd 06.08.2016

Nice Girl, what Uniform has Masha?

Answer: as for now, Masha has nice Christmas sexy uniform ;) 

Dan 01.08.2016

Thanks for answering my question. Would it be possible to invite Masha and Marta for lesbI and Anal session? Will they be ok with licking and fingering each other?

Answer: Yes, they will. Our girl give the most passionate and intimate lesbi shows. They do not just kiss, but really perform a deep sexy show, they have orgasms with each other, they experience highest peaks of pleasure and they will take you there. Licking and fingering is the least they can do... 

Don 30.07.2016

What toys does Masha have for a meeting?

Answer: Masha has few dildos and she's planning on getting more. 

Daniel 29.07.2016

A very beautiful girl both inside and out. Upon one look in the majestic pearls of her eyes I got a little timid, I couldn't believe how someone so gorgeous is right in front of me, but she put me at ease with her friendliness her smile and soft touch. And soon I knew she was determined to make me feel happy. She has class, grace, poise and elegance. She is a feminine girl with an aura of open mindedness and free spirit. The best part of my time with this princess was performing acts on her while we together watched video of a cute couple doing the same on screen. It was very intimate!! And I think she enjoyed it too. She's got a piece of my heart now. Would love to see you again masha!

TJ 23.07.2016

Does she do vaginal or anal without a condom? Does 1 day on rate chart mean a full 24 hours?

Answer:  vaginal or anal sex only with condom. 1 day = 24 hours.

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